Maria Cook

Nominated for Nursing Lifetime Achievement Award

Works at Torbay & South Devon

“Maria has been part of the Louisa Cary family for many years and I can truly say has been my inspiration to be the best nurse that I can be and I know inspires many others who work with her. Maria has such a professional outlook to nursing, she always works to deliver outstanding care and does so by demonstrating this to colleagues who have the privilege to work with her. I have heard on many occasions, ‘ask Maria, she’s amazing and will know what to do.’ She has a wealth of knowledge and skills, can be found on the ward sharing this, helping others to develop their skills and making sure as a team we all provide high standards of care.

Incredibly experienced, knowledgeable and capable nurse.
Maria has been through a lot this year, with some major health issues, but has recently returned to the ward. It is amazing to see her again, and testament to her grit, determination and passion for patient care that she has not taken her full retirement following her illness.
She is an inspiration to the nurses around her, always gives sensible and sage advice to both nursing and medical colleagues, and will unfailingly put the children and families in her care first.
She is an institution on Louisa Cary ward, and I reckon we should install a mini statue of her in the fish tank when she finally decides she has had enough of us.

Maria is one of the most amazing nurses i have ever had the privilege to work with. She has expertise coming out of her ears, compassion by the bucket full and always has a smile on her face with it. She is a fabulous nurse to have when you have a sick patient… Maria you are fabulous!

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