What are the PAFTAs?

What are the PAFTAs?

The Paediatric Awards For Training Achievements are regional awards recognising the exceptional hard work and commitment of all the staff working with Children & Young People across Devon & Cornwall.

These awards celebrate the amazing contributions that each and every one of us makes on a daily basis, and simply saying “Thank You” in a meaningful way.


Who are they for?

The PAFTAs are for anyone working with Children & Young People across Devon & Cornwall.

Last year we had hundreds of staff nominations, from every  trust in the deanery, and from every staff group.

Every individual nominated will receive a Nomination Certificate.


How do I make a nomination?

Nominations have now closed for this year. They will open again late summer/early autumn 2023.

This year we had a record 942 nominations submitted from 428 individual nominators with representation of all trusts and MDT members across the region.



When and Where are the Awards?

The awards should be in March 2023 and we are asking for your input and help choosing a venue!

In previous years we have held award ceremonies in February, with our biggest at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Plymouth as well as last year partying in Exeter.

For2020 year we were not able to celebrate in the same way as previous years, but instead announced the winners online on May 8th 2021 at our innovative online event. Click here to see the highlights

The PAFTAs are a project supported by the RCPCH, run by local Paediatric Trainees. Last years winners and the PAFTA committee will be helping judge the nominations.

Spreading the PAFTA Model

The national PAFTAS for paediatric doctors is run by the RCPCH, and our deanery has expanded our local PAFTAS to include all staff working with children and young people in the region.

We have been using this model for a number of years and are pleased to see other deaneries doing the same.

If you are in another deanery who do not have any PAFTAs, or want to expand your PAFTA process we would be happy to help support you, so please drop our Peninsula PAFTA team a line via s.janoff@nhs.net or james.dearden@nhs.net