Claire Clausen

Nominated for Nursing Lifetime Achievement Award

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth

Claire is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is always striving to improve CAU for both her colleagues and the patients we see. She takes an active role in linking between CAU and Paeds ED to ensure slick patient pathways are met and advocating continually for our patients and their families.
Since taking on the band 6 role she has thrived, she proactively encourages her colleagues to upskill and to think of new ways of working. She is always there to lend a helping hand, or point you in the right direction when needed.
She supports her senior well with the above, and with management time and regularly holding the 0919. She helps guide the new rotations of junior doctors and help them settle to the CAU environment.
She is an active member of the Women’s Wellbeing Group across CAU and CHDU which has been greatly received, providing information, support and signposting of different health topics monthly.
She is a great member of the multidisciplinary team, supporting and guiding in all areas.

Claire as a band 6 nurse is exceptionally supportive when difficult situations arise professionally and personally.
She is a very knowledgeable nurse and will always try her upmost to ensure nursing staff are supported during difficult situations on CAU

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