Dave Bartle

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

“Simply the best consultant!

Dave is exemplary at supporting and teaching the whole team. His motivation & enthusiasm is contagious in keeping best practice at the heart of the whole team.

Dave is an excellent clinical educator, what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. He will always take the time to explain and teach to any member of staff – students, nurses and medical staff. Knowing that Dave is nearby when there is an emergency situation, is massively reassuring to myself when I’m coordinating the unit.

David’s dedication to the neonatal and paediatric team working with guiding trainees through their training journey, his enthusiasm for excellent clinical care & family centred care, helping with simulation on both sides, involved in teaching the wider multidisciplinary team & supporting colleagues when service gaps arise as well as in challenging adhoc situations, all with a really positive attitude, sets an exemplary model for us all. Thank you.

Dave’s enthusiasm and passion for neonatology inspires the team. He is always willing to share his knowledge, provide teaching at any opportunity and gives constructive feedback. He cares about the team and always tries to boost morale. He is great with families and is an excellent leader in emergency situations.

Dave is such a positive role-model and demonstrates a commitment to providing the best care possible to the babies we care for. He is a fantastic educator in his role in running simulation training scenarios and is always positive and constructive when giving feedback. He is very approachable to all members of the team and is a real joy to work with, even in difficult situations.

Dr Bartle is an exceptional leader, teacher and mentor. He is always approachable and happy to share his knowledge. His passion for his specialty is infectious and this in turn resonates throughout the whole team and is demonstrated by the numerous research projects regularly undertaken on the unit and supported by the whole team.

Dr Bartle’s teaching skills are truly exceptional. He is able to teach the complexities of neonatal medicine to medics, nurses and families in a patient, kind and clear way, ensuring all intricacies are relayed at an appropriate and comprehensible level to meet the needs of whichever audience he has.

Dr Bartle’s kindness and compassion extends to the whole team and most importantly to the families with whom we work. This makes Dave (as he’s known to everyone from the housekeeper to his fellow consultants) an absolute pleasure to work with.

Dr Bartle is also fun! Any conversation with him can move seamlessly from a research topic currently of interest to him onto Liverpool FC. He can regularly be seen on staff nights out trying to dance! Hilarious!

Seriously though, this consultant is truly exceptional and so deserving of this award.

Exceptionally good consultant support, regular teaching and training to the staff and junior doctors. Very calm on busy times. Excellent support to all families in the units.”

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