Paediatric Consultant Hero Nominations 

This is the list of Consultants who were nominated for embodying the principles of the RCPCH, being role-models for trainees, inspiring their colleagues, and uniting the multidisciplinary team. Click on their name to read the nomination text.

Alex Allwood

Andy Arend

Dave Bartle

Chris Bell

Chris Butler

Alan Cade

Helen Channer

Hannah Cottis

Oliver Cuthell

Dermot Dalton

James Dearden

Catherine Derry

Beth Enderby

Tom Fontaine

Tiziana Fragapane

Jonathan Gallichan

Tom Gorst

Sadiya Halima Gumi

James Hart

Rachel Howells

Emma Hulbert Powell

Katy Huxstep

Alison Janzen

Ellie Lawes

David McGregor

Christine McMillan

Azar Mohamed

Esther Morris

Chris Moudiotis

Yahya Mubashar

Andrew Mullett

Stuart Nath

Rachel Nicholls

Nicola O’Shea

Christina Oliver

Simon Parke

Chris Poh

Mala Raman

Andy Robinson

Rebecca Rub

Helen Sammons

Nagendra Venkata

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We use the nomination text and categories as provided by those who submit the nomination.
If there are any issues with the nomination pages (errors, people placed in the wrong category or any other concerns) please email
We will use the following criteria for creating the shortlist and choosing the final winner:

Consultant Hero
1. Demonstrates excellence in fulfilment of their work
2. Demonstrates excellence in education of colleagues and trainees
3. Demonstrates exemplary team working and support to peers
4. Demonstrates excellence in their interaction with patients and their families
5. Embodies the values of RCPCH