Esther Morris

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero Award

Works at Torbay & South Devon

Esther is a fantastic consultant. She always takes the time to listen to her patients and families and shows great empathy during consultations. She always stays calm no matter how busy and stressful the day may be and leads the team with confidence and efficiency. She always ensures that her team members are ok and validates their contribution, boosting team morale. She is always looking for teaching opportunities and group discussions around complex patients. She takes the time to give positive feedback to team members which is greatly appreciated. She is constantly working on improvements for SCBU and Louisa Cary ward and how we can improve our service and the safety for our patients. A great colleague and lead for our team.

Esther is an absolutely inspirational Paediatric Consultant. She combines the perfect mix of expertise, empathy, humour and good old fashioned common sense. She always finds time to educate both formally and informally and is passionate and proactive in ensuring all neonates in Torbay get the best possible care. She has been instrumental in ensuring the periprem guidelines are implemented in Torbay. She is calm and reasoned in any situation thrown at her.
In addition she is so, so supportive of all members of the team and will go above and beyond to lend a friendly ear or give some helpful advice to anyone no matter how busy she is.

Shows such genuine and heartfelt care to her patients. Has a reassuring and kind nature, a true inspiring role model to the whole MDT.

Esther is the loveliest, kind, caring and most supportive consultant you could ever find. Her interactions with patients and their families are exemplary and should be witnessed by all working in paediatrics. Her work is always up to date, and she strives to deliver the best for her patients. We are honoured to have her work with us.

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