Tiziana Fragapane

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero Award

Works at North Devon District Hospital

Tiziana has time for everyone. She is a fantastic leader, supporting and empowering trainees to develop their technical skills. She shares her wealth of knowledge by explaining the reason for her decision making to educate trainees of all levels and help families understand conditions and management plans. Tiziana is also very proactive in the department, reassessing neonatal protocols and guidelines.

Most supportive consultant ever. Easy to approach. Always ready to help. Academically and clinically very knowledgeable.

Tiziana is a fine colleague. Enthusiastically she has taken over the neonatal lead, giving the unit a fresh brise. Quietly working the duties and passionately engaging with parents and staff, showing passion and a big heart for the little ones. Her knowledge turns into teaching with a whisker and without really being noticed. She has clear opinions and is never opinionated. Advice is always supportive, never judgemental. She has a very supportive ear for all staff. A quiet new force to the place. Thanks for coming!

A great colleague to have. Kind, calm and clear. A privilege to have as a team member!

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