James Dearden

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero Award

Works at Torbay & South Devon

James is very supportive of trainees, he is keen to help you complete learning events, and is supportive oncall. He also shows an excellent pro-active attitude to service development.

James is one of the most hard working and enthusiastic consultants I have ever met! His commitment to the role is unbelievable I don’t know where he finds the time! He has continued to work on innovation in improving the mental health care we provide and empowers others to get involved and help improve the service. He takes every opportunity to teach others no matter what the pressures on the ward are and appreciates everyone’s input. He is a clear leader with clear delegation and escalation when required and is a pleasure to work with.

James has flourished in his new consultant role and mental health lead. He is innovative and hardworking, whilst always keeping the focus on children and young people. As a supervisor he is supportive and proactive. In his clinical care he is mindful of the wellbeing and opinion of the whole clinical team. He displays excellent communication skills when interacting with patients and families. He is involved in so many projects, job roles and innovations that I remain convinced he never sleeps. James is an inspiration!

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