Keeley Smith

Nominated for The Debbie Eadie Award for Advance Nurse Practice

Works at Torbay & South Devon

Keeley has excelled this year in her role! Qualifying last march she has really stepped up to the senior role coordinating the assessment unit, managing patient flow whilst also managing complex patients. She communicates well with patients and their families giving them clear explanations for their condition and how is managed. She reassures patients and parents answering any questions they have in a kind hearted nature despite the busy environment. She is always great fun to work with and coordinates nursing and medical teams with ease. You’re great!

Keeley is a ANP on the Short Stay Paediatric Assessment Unit. Although she has only finished her course in the last year , she has become one of most valued staff who nurses and doctors go to for advice and support due to her knowledge of medical conditions especially cardiac conditions.
Keeley has worked as the lead senior reviewer on the unit and being able to assess and discharge patients. This has made the unit run more smoothly. She is is great at communicating with parents and children making them feel at ease.
She bridges the gap between doctors and nurses and she is a great support to the new SHO’s and our newly qualified nurses.

Keeley, as a fairly newly qualified advanced nurse practitioner is an inspiration to both her nursing and medical colleagues. She always strives to deliver the best possible care to children and their families and is the best advocate any child and family could ask for. She always looks for any opportunity to educate both her nursing and medical colleagues and is approachable when they seek help and advice. She has an enormous wealth of experience and expertise and it shows every shift she works. Its always a pleasure working with you Keeley!

Keeley has grown in this role in a way which has been so impressive. Someone who communicates with parents and children in the way she does is inspiring. Keeley has brought all her skills as an extremely confident and capable nurse to the drs team and is growing in knowledge and confidence. The way Keeley conducts herself, her resilience, experience of many departments and the respect her colleagues have for her has meant that she is able to bring all roles and teams together by seeing things from all perspectives. Keeley is straight talking and honest and this goes a long way, not just for her colleagues but for the families she treats. Valuing everyone, no matter what role they play in the team and always having time to listen and give help where she can. Keeley always puts a smile on my face and when she is on shift I always feel a sense of reassurance.

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