Carla Trotman

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year Award

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth

Never had another nurse be so supportive and positive throughout a really hard year in the department. So dedicated to supporting her manager and team to get the best out of all of us.

Working on the children’s assessment unit means we work very closely with the emergency department. Carla is an exceptional member of the paediatric team and always has a smile on her face no matter how busy her unit is. Carla is never afraid to ask for support when needed but beyond this will always go out of her way to support CAU and the staff of the unit. Always asking “is there anything I can do with this patient to help you out”. No job is too much of an ask for Carla and when I know she is on shift and I am working it’s very comforting.

Carla is the nurse that everyone aspires to be. Carla is not only thorough, driven and highly knowledgeable, she is genuinely one the kindest and caring people that I have ever met. Carla is always happy to teach, guide and support you through your nursing journey and does so with such grace and pride. Not only does she support all members of the team, but she actively encourages growth and development through training. When working as part of a team with Carla I always feel very safe and supported, knowing that any concerns will be taken seriously and supported if required. Carla also advocates for her patients, driving for the best care possible, taking challenging times and environments in her stride. It is an absolute joy to work and learn from Carla and she truly is amazing.

Carla is an excellent Sister, she is the best advocate for her patients and always encourages her peers to do the same. She is a brilliant teacher to other Junior Sisters and registered nurses in the Paeds ED department.

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