Nursing Role Model of the Year Award Nominations 

This is the list of Nurses who were nominated for exemplifying the principles and values of nursing and inspiring their colleagues through their work. Click on their name to read the nomination text.

Nina Worrin

Stacey Wesemann

Hannah Watkins

Jade Waites

Wendy Viggers

Sarah Underwood

Margaret Ufnal

Carla Trotman

Becky Trew

Michelle Townsend

Lindsay Thomas

Noelle Taylor

Claire Tanner

Laura Swift

Amy Stone

Hannah Stockley

Louisa Squire

Donna Sparkes

Erin Smith

Charlotte Smith

Tracey Shackleton

Sally Rothwell

Tina Roberts

Aileen Roberts

Dawn Poulton

Amy Postance

Claire Portch

Andrea Pitts

Elizabeth Phillips

Abbie Phillips

Emma Perryman

Becca Park

Zoe Naylor

Fiona Musker

Nadia Musk

Nicola Murphy

Sarah Morrison

Elizabeth Mitchell

Gemma Mills

Lucie Middleton

Lauren McNulty

Lucy Marsland

Holly Luscombe

Migs Luckie

Helen Little

Emma Leaman

Becca Laverick

Sophie Lake

Chloe Kenneally

Linzi Kemp

Carrie Jones

Tom Johnson

Charlotte Johns

Dana Jackson

Janet Hutchins

Andrea Huertas Ferrandez

Jasmine Hooper

Katie Hoffman

Charlie Hiscock

Tracey Herbert

Meg Haynes-Parry

Shirley Hartshorne

Becky Hambly

Sarah Hainsworth

Charlotte Gottelier

Daniel Gooding

April Gambles

Rachel Fulner

Elaine Fuge-Wood

Jenny Freany

Heather Fisher

Sherryl Fetalvero

Sara Easton

Meg Easton

Faye Drinkwater

Becky Dobson

Harriot Day

Stacey Dawson

Alisha Davies

Laura Crawford

Jo Coulthard

Claire Clausen

Harriet Clarke

Holly Carter

Vicky Bowles

Deborah Bourne

Ola (Aleksandra) Boronczyk

Charlotte Bissett

Kerry Birch

Ellen Billing

Amy Behn

Sarah Bassett

Louise Barraclough

Catherine Banner

Melodie Ashman

Francesca Aplin

Glenda Apilado

Isabel Andrews

Briony Amor

Michaela Adams

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We use the nomination text and categories as provided by those who submit the nomination.
If there are any issues with the nomination pages (errors, people placed in the wrong category or any other concerns) please email
We will use the following criteria for creating the shortlist and choosing the final winner:
Nursing Role Model
1. Inspires others through the fulfilment of their work, and advocacy for patients.
2. Constantly strives to improve themselves and others around them
3. Is an excellent teacher and educator of peers and juniors
4. Supports the senior nursing and medical teams to carry out their roles.
5. Embodies the Principles of Nursing Practice & values of RCPCH