Lindsay Thomas

Nominated for Nursing Role Model of the Year Award

Works at Torbay & South Devon

Lindsay is a inspirational paediatric sister, she is now also the practice education within the ED. Lindsay support the department safeguarding, child death and so much more. She really goes above and beyond for the patients within her care. Lindsay has excellent patient centred care and will ensure that they individual needs are met, she is caring and compassioned and always smiling. Lindsay has an open approach with all our mental health patients and let them know we are here for them and they parents. She always let me know we are a safe space for them.
Lindsay supports staff with training sessions, safeguarding supervision and has her own workstreams to give all the staff the confidence to work with the children who come into ED and education to bulid people personal growth.
Lindsay has personal supported me with my own personal growth and has helped me bulid up my own knowledge and understanding, supporting with workstreams. Lindsay is a happy, bubbly person who is also smiling and laughing and you can see how passionate she is about her job. She really is an incredible role model to all those who come to ED. Lindsay is a valued member of our ED team.

Lindsay is an inspirational paediatric Emergency Department nurse. She fills me with confidence and is always there to support when having a bad shift or needing advice. She advocates for every patient she meets, signposting to services, ensuring referrals are made to support families, advocating for the patient when they require additional reviews and services when in the department. Lindsay is always open to discussing change and new ideas and improvements, and keen to debrief on experiences within the department, to gather learning points from them. She has also taken on the practice education role for paediatrics to improve learning and education for her colleagues. She has fantastic educational skills: she is clear concise and adaptable in her teaching style. She inspires me to stay up to date with practice. Lindsay works with the medical teams collaboratively to ensure the best possible care is given to the children, providing specialist paediatric advice. She is compassionate and treats her patients with the upmost dignity and respect. She is always open and honest and willing to explain why she has made the decisions she has. Ensuring the patients safety is paramount to her and she always puts the family at the centre of her decisions. When I know Lindsay is on shift with me, I know that the shift will be okay regardless of what we have to face.

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