Karen Evans

Nominated for Non Clinical Staff of the Year Award

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth

Karen is a godsend! She is irreplaceable as the wildgoose ward clerk and we wouldn’t be without her. Karen always goes above and beyond her duties to support the staff.

Karen is the backbone of Wildgoose, she keeps us all going when it is a hectic and busy shift by helping out wherever she can. Karen will deal with the phone calls, put in the estate jobs, grab equipment from another ward and just takes those little odd jobs that need doing off our hands all with a smile on her face! She even buys snacks for when we have a tough, busy shift! She offers a lending hand and ear to all the staff and is just such an assets to our team. Nothing ever seems like too much for Karen and all of us on Wildgoose know that the shift will run so much smoother with her on the front desk!

Karen is an ABSALUTE LEGEND! Honestly wildgoose would fall apart without you!!! Karen goes above and beyond everyday. she is always a bright and cheerful presence on the ward. Karen is way more than our ward Clark, she is a listening ear, runner, the brains of the ward, security guard, honestly don’t think I can list all the jobs Karen does! Karen 100% makes our job as nurses easier trying to make every aspect of our day easier and easing our work load where ever she can. THANK YOU Karen.

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