Non Clinical Staff Award Nominations 

This is the list of  Non Clinical Staff Award nominees. This includes roles such as domestics, secretaries, managers and rota coordinators, who may not have direct contact with patients, but make a priceless contribution to patient care. Click on their name to read the nomination text.

Courtney Bater

Michele Brace

Sandra Butler

Rachel Davies

Helen Elliot

Gill Etherington

Karen Evans

Jodie Field

Fran Greenaway

Alan Grieveson

Leanne Hargreaves

Lorraine Head

Julie Hewitt

Lisa Hitchcock

Toni Howland

Ashlie Jackson

Katie Jenkins

Lydia Jones

Gemma Kilpatrick

Maddie Leeds

Cath Lovell

Teresa Macdonald

Mary Moran

Jane Ostermeyer

Suzanne Payne

Amanda Roberts

Charlotte Rowe

Annie Slater

Heather Smith

Hayley Sprague

Sarah Tickle

Naomi Wakeley

Kate Walker

Elizabeth Walters

Aria Ward

Deborah Watts

Lilly Zhan

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We use the nomination text and categories as provided by those who submit the nomination.
If there are any issues with the nomination pages (errors, people placed in the wrong category or any other concerns) please email
We will use the following criteria for creating the shortlist and choosing the final winner:

Non Clinical Staff Award
1. Demonstrates excellence in fulfilment of their work.
2. Demonstrates excellence in their interactions with colleagues.
3. Empowers, enables and encourages their colleagues through their work.
4. Embodies the values of RCPCH