Sarah Tickle

Nominated for Non Clinical Staff of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Sarah is the most brilliant rota coordinator. She will go completely above and beyond to ensure that staff are able to get the shifts swaps they need. This makes working so many hours just that bit better knowing that you will get the time off for holidays and important events. She is able to ask for help covering gaps in such a way that gaps are filled (important when due to be on shift that you know you will have adequate staffing) but in a that no one feels pressured to cover more than they can safely do. When there is so much burnout, Sarah makes to rota such that it is manageable and I can’t thank her enough for that!

I can’t believe Sarah has not won this award yet!!! She is absolutely amazing and I don’t know what the medical team would do without the constant dedication to Rota coordinator’s job. She is always some how manages to fill the rota gaps despite it looking impossible to fill.

Sarah is adored by trainees in Exeter! She is supremely organised, deeply commited and always kind. She remembers little details about our lives, and does lovely things like sending good luck emails for exams or checking in with people who are having a tough time. I recall a new international graduate coming to Exeter in the midst of COVID, Sarah organised thoughtful food deliveries to him in isolation and I know he is grateful to this day. Sarah treats us all like valued human beings, and that is no small thing!

Frankly the best rota coordinator I have had the pleasure of working with. Sarah goes the extra mile to ensure you have choices in your rota, you receive your rota far more than 6 weeks in advance and will bend over backwards to ensure you get leave for special events. The positive impact of this on trainee wellbeing should not be ignored!

I can not see anyone else winning this category. Sarah a a true diamond!. Her professionalism is like anything I have ever encountered. She replies to emails and phone calls immediately (even on her days off!), always polite and positive. Sarah really makes our life easier as trainees and really made me feel valued when I worked with her. I have personally accepted extra shifts only because of her! She really deserves winning.

Sarah has the impossible job of running the rotas for paediatrics.

This is a thankless and challenging task. While it is impossible to please everyone Sarah always releases the rota with months of notice and goes to every length to allow doctors the leave they need.

This makes a huge difference to the lives of doctors who feel able to plan in advance and look forward to time off in a way that is almost never possible in rotating medical jobs.

When Sarah is a way it is palpable how the whole team struggle to cope without her.

She is quietly keeping the department functioning and deserves far more recognition than she recieves.

Sarah is my hero. She works so hard to fill the many rota gaps, but at the same time safeguard the trainees wellbeing and accommodate as many of our requests as she can. An absolute star and very deserving of recognition for her tireless dedication to what at times must be a very thankless task.

Sarah Tickle continually goes above and beyond to support trainees in every way that she can. She communicates effectively with trainees and the medical team to make sure that trainees work within the junior dr contract rules and that they are able to take leave when they want to. This is a mammoth task that involves excellent organisation, forward planning and the ability to communicate effectively. Sarah is well deserving of this recognition having developed her skills and understanding of this role over many years. She is motivated by helping others to achieve their goals and helps trainees to maintain perspective and achieve work life balance.

Sarah is excellent. She is incredible efficient and competent, as well as being friendly and helpful. She goes the extra mile to support juniors to take their annual and study leave.

Sarah has an incredible impact on the life of trainees in Exeter. Nothing is ever a bother or a silly question. Sarah will go above and beyond to help trainees make rota changes and get the leave they request. Thank you for all you do for us Sarah!

Sarah is probably the best rota coordinator in the entire world! Not only does she do an amazing job of keeping all the balls in the air for the Neonatal and Paediatric junior rotas, but she pre-empts problems and fixes them before we even knew they were there! Her communication with the team is exceptional and really makes us all feel valued and supported. She goes out of her way to highlight things that we might not have realised that help us and works so hard to organise all the trainees for induction, study leave etc and takes real pride in her work. We could not do what we do without her efficient and skilled support. Beyond all of that she is such a lovely member of the team so deserves to be celebrated!

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