Deana Dumbreck

Nominated for Multidisciplinary Hero Award

Works as a Dietician at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

The unprecedented number of children with challenging eating disorder presentations on Bramble has been ongoing for so long that it doesn’t feel unprecedented anymore. As difficult as this is for the on-call team it must be even more so for members of the ED team.
Deana works so hard with the children under her care to keep them safe and get them healthy, and I know she does so much that as a ward registrar I don’t see. Thank you for all you do Deana.

Deana is a brilliant specialist dietician. Deana does a fantastic job with the eating disorder service for Exeter, ensuring that patients needs are met in a flexible manner. Deana has a huge knowledge base and has a strong ability to share this with the wider team. Deana is always willing to explore complex issues and will always find a solution or suggestion to meet the specific needs of the individual patient. Deana ensures that she is always up to date with current clinical practice and thinking and has a strong ability to diffuse this information to the team. Deana is willing to work with a patient to understand their care plan for as long as is necessary and ensures that they feel heard and understood when planning their care. Deana is kind and compassionate and very approachable.

Deana is such a dedicated, professional member of our eating disorders team. She is excellent at her job, going above and beyond at all times. She is able to demonstrate a compassionate, empathic approach to caring for this complex patient group, always finding a way to connect with the children and young people in our care in a meaningful, thoughtful way, making it less tough for them to hear the difficult nutrition-based messages, which are so essential to their recovery. Deana is always good humoured and has a remarkable ability to remain positive, even though as a team we are often facing what feels like impossible workload. I really appreciate her being such a key member of our team

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