Multidisciplinary Hero Award Nominations 

This is the list of Clinical staff who work with children and parents as part of the wider multidisciplinary team who were nominated for showing exceptional commitment, ability and inspiring their colleagues. Click on their name to read the nomination text.

Beth Young

Liz Wardle

Jane Mortimer

Tracey McWilliams

Clem Massey

Tanya Martin

Maria Leveridge

Laura Lethaby

Jeanette Land

Julia James

Dana Jackson

Laurence Hulatt

Kerry Greenidge

Judith Foster

Katy Farrell-Wright

Deana Dumbreck

Joanne Cross

Susannah Costelloe

Rory Conn

Louise Cork

Holly Barker

Meerai Arnouk

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We use the nomination text and categories as provided by those who submit the nomination.
If there are any issues with the nomination pages (errors, people placed in the wrong category or any other concerns) please email
We will use the following criteria for creating the shortlist and choosing the final winner:
Multidisciplinary Hero:

1. Demonstrates excellence in fulfilment of their work with children and families.
2. Demonstrates excellence in their interactions with colleagues and patients
3. Empowers, enables and encourages their colleagues through their work.
4. Embodies the values of RCPCH*