Holly Barker

Nominated for Multidisciplinary Hero Award

Works as a Pharmacist at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Holly is such a kind-hearted lady. Whenever she comes on the ward as she is Bramble’s pharmacist, she is always so smiley and speaks to everyone. The ward can sometimes be a crazy busy place and Holly is always aware of the pressures, making sure that she tells us where she is based whilst on the ward if we need her, and if not on the ward is only ever a bleep away. Holly’s approachability has really helped me understand more about medications, doctors and microbiology recommendations. She is always there to answer questions and help ensure that patient TTO’s are not held up unnecessarily, ensuring safe and timely discharge from the ward. As-well-as tackling some very messy MAR charts, Holly is hot on the tail of ensuring patients are receiving the correct doses, for the correct number of days, ensuring her documentation is timely so the treatment team are aware of anything. Thank you, Holly, for going above and beyond and in helping answer some really silly questions I’ve had since starting on Bramble. It always lovely to see your happy face.

Holly is the ward pharmacist on Bramble, she is incredible. She bounces onto the ward with her smiley positive energy, and is so approachable. She will find out the answer to any medicine related question we have, whether that is from nurses or doctors. She is always on hand for advice and will do small things that make the world of difference like chasing up meds, ordering stock and being the link between us and pharmacy and ensure that our day runs more more smoothly then if she wasn’t there.

Holly is always making sure we are doing things correctly, ensuring we are up to date with any changed and is always on hand to think of ways we can improve on the ward to make things better for her colleagues. She interacts well with patients and their families and ensures everything runs smoothly for their discharge. She always puts a smile on my face and everyone she meets and always goes above and beyond. She is a beautiful person inside and out and the best pharmacist!

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