Abbie Phillips

Nominated for Junior Nurse of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Abbie is a cherished part of the Bramble team and a superb advocate for the patients and families we see there. especially those who are experiencing mental health issues. She spends time with the patients and provides excellent family support. She encourages others to grow and looks for opportunities to do so; she is currently employed with the mental health team and pushes herself in that capacity. She demonstrates adequate leadership and management abilities in the judgments she makes regarding the care of her patients and her workload. Abbie performs her duty as an advocate and works incredibly effectively within the larger multidisciplinary team to provide her patients with the best treatment possible. Lastly, Abbie shows accountability within her work by increasing trust and improving morale and performance. She always will put the patients best interest first and be able to justify her action.

Amazing with the eating disorder team.

Abbie is a fantastic nurse with a huge amount of knowledge and she demonstrates this on a daily basis in her recent role within the mental health specialist nurse team.
Abbie shows so much care and compassion to the patients and their families and is brilliant at using her calm and decisive way to plan and implement effective care for this challenging patient group.
In order to support staff with the challenges that they are all facing with the increasing numbers and complexities of mental health patients, Abbie has created a mental health and wellbeing newsletter that has been rolled out across the ward giving staff updates, information on training, relevant journal articles and tips on how to support their own mental health.
Abbie is a brilliant and valued member of the multi disciplinary team.

Abbie is a fantastic nurse, her progression since she qualified is outstanding. She inspires me every time I work with her. Abbie’s presence on the ward is always so welcoming, she has an infectious smile, even with masks on, her eyes smile. Abbie is now not only a Bramble nurse but also a Bramble mental health nurse, she has pushed herself with knowledge and progression, and she is so suited to both roles. She is a great advocate for her patients and shows such understanding for CYP in mental health crisis, equally her general nursing on the ward is on point. Abbie shares her knowledge with others and is always happy for people to ask her questions or seek clarity. Her approachability and kindness is an asset to Bramble.

Abbie is part of the MDT within Bramble, in her mental health nurse role and it shows how well she can work with others and enhances the experiences for CYP and families. Abbie also within her nursing role position on Bramble itself, has allowed more understanding for her colleagues of what the MDTs do and advocate for, this is because Abbie is eager to build a better environment and understand of collaborative working. As well as this, Abbie always has time to listen and peer support.

Abbie worked with us as a HCA before going off to do her nursing, and returned as a nurse on Bramble. It’s been amazing to see this transition, and see her confidence build and build. She nurses like she has been doing this for more years then she has! This year she joined the eating disorder team, and she has found her niche. Her patients adore her, and she has built strong relationships with them. She acts as an advocate for all her patients, ensuring they receive the best possible care.

She acts a wonderful support for the nursing staff, providing emotional and physical support in looking after the patients on the ward. She has recently done a informative newsletter, reading and condensing research for staff to read and including updates and other useful information.

Abbie also works on the ward, and is such a fantastic nurse. She works with competence and confidence and is always happy and smiley, she has been a wonderful addition to the team and I look forward to see where her journey takes her.

Abbie is a ray of sunshine
She always has a smile on her face. She takes everything in her stride and really is a fantastic new member of the team
She qualified in 2021 . It’s been a difficult time to start but She is always striving to do the best for her patients on a professional manner. Growing in confidence to speak out to give the children and family’s best care.
She works hard and Bramble ward are lucky to have her.

Abbie is an excellent nurse- even though she has only been qualified for less that 2 years she is such an amazing role model and exemplary nursing colleague. Her ability to consider all aspects of patient care, her outstanding work ethic, her considerate approach to all colleagues of all disciplines and her professionalism are all a testament to the dedication she shows the nursing profession. She works tirelessly in all aspects of her nursing role but shows particular skill and insight when working with our children and young people presenting with mental health crisis. Abbie is always good natured and ready to go above and beyond to care for all the children, young people and families in our care. She is a pleasure to work with and I am so grateful to have her as part of the Bramble team

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