Asha Petherick

Nominated for Junior Nurse of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Asha is such a fab addition to the Bramble team. She is always warm, kind and friendly and greets you with a lovely smile. She navigates her way through challenging shifts with a calm and optimistic attitude, we are lucky to have her.

Asha is a fabulous nurse who is always happy and smiling. She is a real team player and happy to help in anyway she can to improve her patients experience and support medical staff. Thank you for all your hard work Asha.

Asha has been working on Bramble since newly qualified. She is an advocate for children and their families, and forms close unique bonds with our long stay patients. As a result she is often able to encourage them to accept nursing care that they have otherwise refused such as medications and feeds.

Asha is always trying to utilise learning opportunities and often seeks support in things she is unsure of. Her confidence has grown and grown in her clinical skills and management of patients in her care and she is a wonderful nurse!

Asha is a wonderful member of the team, she is a team player and always willing to help and support others as well as making everyone around her smile. She is a credit to our team!

The PAFTA committee and all others who might one day get to read this need know one thing. *Asha is a star*.
Asha puts a smile on the face of everyone she meets and even in the challenging environment that we are all facing in the world of paediatrics. When you see that Asha is on shift when you are working you know that the day will pass that bit easier.
Asha is a great advocate for children and families in her care, which has been particularly exemplified when she works in our paediatric assessment unit. In a room full of stressed, tired, worried parents she puts the families and children at their ease. Asha escalates clinical concerns quickly and appropriately and shows wisdom beyond her experience in the advice she gives to parents and families.
Asha is a fast learner and incorporates this into her practice. She hopes to develop her skills and be a paediatric high dependency nurse. I think her calming and reassuring manner makes her well suited to this.
Asha is an amazing team player. Beyond the workplace she also dedicates her free time to arranging social events that help us bond as a team. Asha and a team of colleagues organised the first christmas party since covid and this was a fantastic way of raising morale and bringing the team together.

Asha will go so far in her career. She should be very proud of how much she has achieved in her first year of practice.

Asha is a newly qualified nurse who has started her role on Bramble Ward in a particularly challenging time. The ward has been challenging, and the acuity of patients has been high. Despite this, Asha has always been eager to care for any kind of patient, and has not been afraid to face challenges. She is never afraid to ask questions and seek advice if she is unsure of something, and continually seeks out opportunities to learn. When she has learnt something, she incorporates this into the care that she provides for her patients. Asha provides incredible care to her patients and builds rapport appropriately. She works exceptionally well in a team, and is always offering to help her colleagues when she can. Asha always has a smile on her face and a really positive attitude which has such a massive impact on shift.

I have never met someone so happy, someone who smiles everyday no matter how stressful the ward can be, and someone who even smiles when they’ve had a cry! This nurse is truly exceptional and an absolute asset to Bramble Ward. Asha is loved by all members of staff within the multidisciplinary team as she works so well within them and you know she genuinely cares about each person she meets. I feel that she deserves to be nominated for this award to show how much the Bramble team appreciate her and we see her as a great friend, great nurse, great colleague and a fantastic person.

Asha – What an awesome young lady she is. Watching her grow over the last year as a nearly qualified nurse has been a breath of fresh air. The challenges of working on the ward over the last year, Asha has taken in her stride, and used all opportunities to learn from. Asha always has a smile on her face and has patient and family care at the forefront of her daily nursing activities. Asha has a drive to push herself to ensure her training is up-to-date, and her progression is on top form, seeking new opportunities and sharing her knowledge to her peers. Asha has such a welcoming and calming nature. She is loved by all the Bramble team, MDTs, CYP and their families. She has a big heart and is compassionate, understanding and advocates to high levels for all her patients. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Asha, and if she doesn’t know the answer or how to undertake the job in hand, she will always seek the answer and keep patient care as the priority. Asha is an all-rounder of the team, organising events outside of the work place to boost morale and ensuring laughter and humour to carry us through a shift, no matter what is happening, her smile is a lovely sight to see. I can see Asha going far in her nursing career, as she is always looking forward and to the opportunities available to her and supporting other members of the team.

I’m nominating Asha because she always puts the best interests of the child first. Asha will ask for help when needed and not work above her limitations. Asha ensures the rights of the child remains central to her work and supports families in scary and challenging situations. Asha works safely and is always open to new ways of working. Asha supports colleagues extremely well and goes above and beyond to help. Asha has been exploring new areas of professional development by being signed off as competent to give intravenous medications and is attending preceptorship and oncology study days. Asha is very knowledgeable and has displayed great clinical skills which has helped her when she takes leadership in her case load on the ward, in the paediatric assessment unit and in the high dependency unit. Asha is reliable, trustworthy and committed to her role. Asha works well with a variety of professionals, always being polite and doesn’t hesitate to escalate concerns.

Asha always comes to work with a smile on her face. Eager to help others at all times even when busy herself. She is fantastic at team work and works exceptionally with the whole multi disciplinary team. She is excellent with the children she cares for along with their families. She is very calming at times that are very stressful for patients and their families. Asha is always eager to put herself forward in furthering her knowledge in nursing critically ill children. She has been a breath of fresh air within the Bramble team. Well done.

Asha exudes positivity and professionalism. She is bubbly, friendly and even on the darkest of shifts her can do and positive attitude shines.
She seeks to develop herself as a newly qualified nurse and exceeds in all areas.
She leads by example and I am very proud of the nurse she has become in the last year during a very complex / turbulent time within nursing.

Well done Asha you are a credit to our team and we are very lucky to have you on board,

Asha has been a registered nurse for under two years now and is a very good aspect to the ward. she is always very professional and friendly to patients and carers which is a key aspect of a nurse. Asha always goes the extra mile when caring for her patients and ensures they have everything they need. Asha also helps with new starters and makes them feel comfortable.

Asha is a fantastic asset to the bramble nursing team.
I have seen asha thrive and develop since working with her on bramble. She is able to adapt and work in different areas, during very difficult and stressful times.
She has an amazing amount of empathy which she is able to use when caring for young people and their families which enables her to become the best possible advocate for their care.
Asha is always striving to learn more nursing skills and actively seeks learning opportunities in different areas of the ward, will happily work anywhere and shows interested in extending skills on courses.
Asha works well within her own limitations and recognises when to escalate things to a senior member of staff. I have observed Asha having difficult conversations with staff and family members that senior staff would find difficult, she did this with the upmost professionalism and stayed calm throughout.
Asha has a very bright future in nursing and needs to realise how good she is.
Keep up the good work.

Asha exudes positivity and professionalism. She is bubbly, friendly and even on the darkest of shifts her can do and positive attitude shines.
She seeks to develop herself as a newly qualified nurse and exceeds in all areas.
She leads by example and I am very proud of the nurse she has become in the last year during a very complex / turbulent time within nursing.

Well done Asha you are a credit to our team and we are very lucky to have you on board,

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