Nursing Role Model – 2019 Nominations

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Jo Bennett

Debbie Bourne

Helen Britton

Beverley Bromley

Victoria Brown

Louise Challis

Tracey Chalk

Anita Chin

Claire Clausen

Tanya Crago

Sandra Cobb

Maria Cook

Michaela Cooper

James Cook

Clare Cornish

Louise Cork

Laura Crawford

Kathy Crean

Amy-Jo Davey

Gemma Davey

Karen Dawe

Sara Easton

Courtney Etheridge

Hazel Ferris

Laura Greenway

Sophie Griffith

Vicky Halfhide

Lisa Hancock

Tracey Hardy

Katherine Harris

Shirley Hartshorne

Gemma Hayes

Katie Hoffman

Jasmine Hooper

Samantha James

Jen Jezzard

Jenna Julian

Leanne Lane

Sean Lambert

Jody Neville

Terry O’ Neil

Rebecca Park

Elizabeth Phillips

Helen Pinchin

Dawn Poulton

Louise Rattenbury

Annie Rosen

Kim Roszmann

Tracey Shackleton

Donna Sparkes

Sharon Sparkes

Erin Smith

Keeley Smith

Sharmaine Smith

Carly Stokes

Claire Tanner

Noelle Taylor

Max Thomson

Margaret Thompson

Rhea Toney

Carla Trotman

Claire Thwaites

Nicola Tyrrell

Sarah Underwood

Jade Waites

Sarah Walker

Hannah Watkins

Alison Webb

Sarah Wilde

Jennifer Wilde

Carly Wright

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*Nomination text may be condenced if we recieved multiple nominations

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