Nursing Lifetime Achievement – 2019 Nominations

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Neil Bloxham

Jan Braund

Helen Britton

Beverly Bromley

Matt Carey

Anita Chin

Claire Clausen

Maria Cook

Tanya Crago

Karen Dawe

Suzy Edwards

Hazel Ferris

Melanie Gilbert

Vicky Halfhide

Shirley Hartshorne

Gemma Hayes

Jasmine Heslop

Helen Little

Roisin McKeon Carter

Elizabeth Mills

Eileen Oliviera

Lissamma Peter

Sally Rothwell

Petra Russell

Maureen Sangster

Marianne Scott

Penny Smith

Jinny Stapley

Claire Tanner

Alison Tapper

Noelle Taylor

Debbie Turnball

Julia Turner

Nicola Tyrrell

Wendy Viggers

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*Nomination text may be condenced if we recieved multiple nominations

We have relied on those submitting nominations to ensure name spelling, places of work and category of nominations are correct. If you think there is a mistake please contact web admin