Non-Clinical Staff Of The Year – 2019 Nominations

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Debbie Allen

Gemma Ashton

Rose Arkinstall

Ruth Atkinson

Mary Baulch

Helen Blake

Sandra Butler

Adele Chappel

Rachel Davies

Rachel Deakin

Jake Dunstan

Jane Edwards

Gill Etherington

Karen Evens

Jo Fuery

Tracey Geen

Karen Green

Alan Greveson

Leanne Hargreaves

Lisa Hitchcock

Stephanie Isaacs

Martha Key

Chris Lomas

Julie Lightfoot

Teresa MacDonald

Kelly Marshall

Claire McCaffery

Kirsty Mullard

Charlotte Rowe

Sarah Smith

Victoria Stanford

Sarah Tickle

Abigail Turley

Fiona Veale

Liz Walters

Deborah Watts

Sandy (House Keeper Wildgoose)

Sandra (Kitchen Staff Wildgoose)

Villa (No surname submitted – Works in Truro)

Jean (Domestic RD&E)

Gemma (Ward Clerk North Devon)

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*Nomination text may be condenced if we recieved multiple nominations

We have relied on those submitting nominations to ensure name spelling, places of work and category of nominations are correct. If you think there is a mistake please contact web admin