Michelle Townsend

Nominated for Nursing Lifetime Achievement Award

Works at Torbay & South Devon

Michelle came into her role as ward Manager at the beginning of COVID with the ward having to move areas and staffing 2 areas. Since then she has had overcome many problems including staff shortness and moving outpatient and SSPAU to a new area
She has on a number of occasions filled in for shifts that haven’t been covered so staff are supported.
Michelle has been at the forefront at achieving a silver and gold accreditation for the ward.
She has been a great support for nursing staff and increasing the well-being of staff.

Michelle deserves this award for all the positive changes she has brought to our ward. She has done this by encompassing all her previous experience to make Louisa Cary a fantastic place to work. She has achieved so much in her career and has inspired so many along the way, thank you Michelle

Michelle is our supportive ward manager, she is so hardworking and always goes above and beyond for her staff, patients, families and our ward. She has overcome numerous challenges and brought lots of change and improvement to the ward to improve the care for families and staff

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