Tracey Shackleton

Nominated for Nursing Lifetime Achievement Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Goes above and beyond for team members.
Remains calm and composed through all emergency situations, ensuring everyone is safe and working within their competency with support.
Looks after staffs well being with regular ‘casual’ check ins, listening to queries and complaints, always offering advice when appropriate and needed.
Keen to teach nursing staff new skills as well as support and advise new junior doctors on the ward.
Offers reassurance when needed and backs up staff decisions helping us to feel supported whilst advocating for patients.
Good with parents and has a different way of understanding themselves and their needs, finding ways to encourage them to work with us towards the best outcome for their baby.
Always says thank you particularly at the end of extremely busy/short staffed shifts, making us feel valued as part of the team and like we have been able to make a difference.
Always willing to lead by example and never expects anything from staff members that she is not willing to do herself.

TRACEY is exemplary professional with 12+ years of experience in career as neonatal nurse coaching, leadership roles with the purpose of helping others to find their best-fit jobs. She helps staff navigate the work to be a good nurse and member of the team
I believe that Tracey is the best choice for the Multidisciplinary award because she consistently displays our company values of honesty, making sure the mental health of staff and families is well taking care of. Tracey also helps encourage the people ², and she continues to amaze me with skills and traits like:

Tracey deserves this award because she is not only an exceptionally knowledgeable nurse, but she has a way with both the families she looks after and the team, that is unlike anyone else on the unit. She is so approachable and kind. She really cares about the well being of the families and staff on the unit. If you ever have a problem, you know you can turn to her. She is so genuine and doesn’t judge anyone for the life they live. She is a role model and an inspiration.

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