Tracey Hardy

Nominated for Nursing Lifetime Achievement Award

Works at Torbay & South Devon

Tracey is an inspirational person and a exellent role model. Tracey is a clincal band 7 within ED, you can see how she truly cares for her whole team. Tracey is the person who we all go to, she is very supportive and you feel listened to, you can see how much she cares and respects what you say. Tracey has highly skilled and full of knowledge which she shares with the people around her. Tracey supports staff to developemnt project there passionate about and ensures we are looking at pathways and following them such as sepsis. Tracey has incredible patient care and is always making things easy for the children, playing around doing observations, being caring and making the children comfortable and smile when they feel unwell. Tracy will sit and listen to the children and their parents, letting them know that we here to support the whole family. When working with tracey with a high actute event, she has clear communcation , ensure we doucment and that the patient gets the treatment they need as soon as able. After any event she will sit and answer questions you have then de breif with you. Tracey will advocate for all her patients and their family ensuring each one get the best level of care needed within ED. Tracey is a role model to many of us and put 110% when supporting patients and staff.

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