Abbie Stephens

Nominated for Paediatric Junior Hero (Paediatric Junior Hero (ST1-3s, FTs, GPSTs and Trust doctors)

Currently works at Royal Cornwall Hospitals

“Working with Abbie is always easy due to her engagement and she always has a good grasp of the patients on the neonatal unit and the paediatric wards when she is on and gives succinct and accurate handovers.
She is very knowledgeable and modest with this and is competent in her skills as an ST2.
She is supportive of other trainees and always has a professional and positive attitude at work.

Abbie is an outstanding trainee. She works quietly but efficiently and is well liked and respected by the team. She has achieved a great deal in her time with us and will make an excellent paediatrician. She has presented her work at international conferences which was very well received and continues to work hard. Abbie is a fantastic trainee – well done and keep up the hard work!

We are very lucky to have Abbie working in Cornwall with us.
Since starting here, she has demonstrated that she is operating at a level way beyond her trainee grade. She is a hard grafter and a team player yet makes it all look very easy.
Abbie is always enthusiastic to help those around her.
She is involved with multiple projects to develop the local paediatric and neonatal services. She has even been to an international conference to do a case presentation this year whilst smashing through her exams.
She is well liked by parents and patients. Feedback from colleagues is exceptional as it is clear to everybody who works with Abbie how great she is at her job.
I have no hesitation to put forward this nomination for Abbie to be Paediatric Junior Hero.

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