Patrycja Prusak

Nominated for Paediatric Junior Hero (Paediatric Junior Hero (ST1-3s, FTs, GPSTs and Trust doctors)

Currently works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

“Patrycja is an amazing doctor. She is so kind, helpful and cheerful. She goes out of her way to help the nursing staff such as offering to do nursing tasks if she can see that they are busy. She has such a caring manner and is so lovely and gentle with the babies and families. On top of this, she is very knowledgeable and approachable. Exeter NNU is extremely lucky to have her!

Patrycja works incredibly hard and shows amazing passion for her job. She is always smiling and wants to do everything possible to help nurture our little NNU babies. She speaks to the nursing staff to ensure she is carrying out assessments and taking bloods when it is appropriate for the babies. If Patrycja has a spare moment (which is rare!) she offers a hand to colleagues in what ever they are doing and it is always appreciated

Patrycja is an amazing member of the team, her professionalism and the care she provides for the babies and their families on the neonatal unit is incredible. She provides exceptional medical care of the highest standard and will also take time to talk to parents in non medical terms putting them at ease, I often have parents tell me how they feel much better after talking to Patrycja and how much they appreciate her. No matter how busy Patrycja is you can often find her offering cuddles to unsettled babies whose parents are unable to be present (on night shifts etc) which the nursing staff really appreciate. She shows care and compassion in everything she does. She always has a smile on her face and it is clear to anyone who meets her, staff, patients and their families that she loves her job and takes pride in everything she does. We know we are very lucky to have patrycja working alongside us.

Patrycja is an amazing doctor. She is kind and compassionate to families and her love for neonates shines through. She is friendly, approachable and a great team player. Patrycja is an absolute super star among junior doctors .
She is unbelievably intelligent and incredibly enthusiastic about her work with children and their families -super efficient and with great communication skills despite English is not her first language
And to top it up Patrycja has got a big caring heart for patients ,colleagues ,people in general Among all her duties she still has managed to find time to help hospitals in Ukraine devastated by current war. Ambitious but very humble and humane Patrycja is a star which brightly shine wherever she chooses to appear.

Patrycja is a dedicated and supportive doctor. She is a team player who is always willing to help including changing nappies or helping with feeds when the nursing staff are busy, you can see she cares a lot about her patients and her team. She always has a smile on her face and is a pleasure to work with.

Patrycja is an inspiration to work with. Her passion for paediatrics is infectious and her dedication to patients is admirable. She always seems to go above and beyond what is expected. Patryca is a wonderful SHO and I would want her looking after my children. She has been very supportive of all the new trainees in the team. She is an excellent team player and is loved by all members of the MDT because she is such a joy to work with. Her knowledge and passion for neonatology is infectious. She is highly knowledgeable and skilled and also enjoys helping with all tasks on the unit such as cuddling babies. She values wellbeing and helps ensure all the team take breaks, finish on time and have time to socialise and prioritise wellbeing outside of work.

Patrycja is a brilliant SHO and her passion is neonatology. She is an excellent and skilled physician and has fantastic clinical judgment. Patrycja cares for neonates with compassion and professionalism. Families are in very good hands with Patrycja and this is something families often comment on. She puts families at their ease. Her communication is clear and effective. She is able to get babies the care they need while parents feel able to trust her completely at these times of high stress. Patrycja is a fantastic team player and is always thinking of ways she can help those around her. She is the first to volunteer to help the nursing team with feeds and cares when they are stretched and she has time. Patrycja makes everyone feel included and is very supportive to new doctors just starting out in neonates. She is a credit to the profession and will be a credit to the RCPCH.

Clinically excellent, a wonderful advocate for babies and families. Nothing is too much trouble and always goes beyond to help her colleagues. Friendly and cheerful, she is a pleasure to work with and I always look forward to our shifts together

Patrycjia loves her role on the neonatal unit, and it shines through in her work every day. Her face lights up when she talks about the babies she cares for, and she has taught me such a lot about going the extra mile for babies and their families. Not only is she a fantastic doctor, but she has spent the past year raising funds and equipment to support our neonatal colleagues in Ukraine, working tirelessly to help support the most vulnerable little people there.

An absolute pleasure to work with on the neonatal unit; supportive to all nursing staff and is also great with the parents and babies. Patrycja shows real promise as a paediatric trainee. In addition to her work she has made amazing contributions to supporting Ukraine fundraising and getting essential medical supplies to those who need it. A lovely medical hero.

Patrycja is poor soul and what paediatrics should be all about. She works tirelessly, always putting a happy face to what she does. Nothing is ever too much for her. Patrycja is a true team member and you only have to spend a few hours with her to realise this. Reliable, professional and a total asset to any team. Her interactions with patients and their families are impeccable and she is clearly a favourite amongst all.

Patrycja is an amazing member of the team who is willing to support and take part in all areas of care.
When short on numbers of nursing staff, Patrycja is always willing to change nappies, give feeds, and have cuddles to help us with providing care for the babies.
Patrycja is always on hand to answer questions and help teach new skills as well as eager to learn and educate new Doctors and Medical students about neonates and their care.
Patrycja recently carried out a fundraiser for Ukraine, to help collect much needed medical supplies and funds to support those in need, she did this in her own time and with her own funds to arrange the transfer of these much needed supplies.
It is clear Patrycja is very passionate about her work and providing the best care possible, she is an advocate for patients and families and always goes above and beyond to support them as well as the team around her, especially during some very challenging times. ”

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