Roisin Kay

Nominated for Paediatric Junior Hero (Paediatric Junior Hero (ST1-3s, FTs, GPSTs and Trust doctors)

Currently works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

“In addition to being a valuable team member and caring for our children and young people with wonderful compassion, Roisin is a cherished part of Bramble. She excels at collaborating with others to solve problems and make diagnoses on our ward. She exhibits kindness and compassion toward her coworkers, the patients/families she sees, and herself. She showed incredible leadership qualities and the ability to speak out for people so they can receive the finest care possible.

Roisin is a fantastic trainee and is a joy to work with. She is incredibly knowledgeable but manages to portray this in a way that is clear and easy to understand and teaches willingly. Roisin doesn’t give herself the credit she deserves and performs well above the level of her grade.

She is always happy to support colleagues. Roisin has a fantastic way with patients and families and puts families at their ease. She has excellent clinical instincts and makes safe decisions with the interests of patients her first concern. Roisin deserves recognition for her work as she always goes above and beyond.

Roisin is always smiling and enthusiastic, caring deeply about the patients that she looks after and going the extra mile to provide outstanding care. She shows particular compassion for long-term patients, taking the time to really get to know them and reminding others of their individual interests and needs. She is playful and approachable with children, developing rapport with them quickly, balancing this beautifully with empathy and professionalism with parents and carers. I can always rely on Roisin to organise me on ward rounds and she proactively gets wards jobs done in a competent and professional manner. No matter how busy a shift is, she manages to help make it enjoyable through her infectious joy in her work. You make a fantastic paediatrician Roisin!

Roisin is an absolute star.
Her skill set is so vast from clinical skills to teaching skills to communication skills. She is a huge asset to the paediatric team, appreciated by all nurses, doctors and colleagues.
Roisin is reliable and always striving for and promoting patient care and health promotion. Roisin promotes this through her ability and skill set to undertake clinical investigations and examinations showing a full range of clinical skill set whilst utilising her colleagues. Her communication skills extend from her paediatric patients, their parents, colleagues to external agencies showing her ability to work in a team and lead MDT’s. She has independently led the full process of management and care of patients with safeguarding concerns.
To sum up – Roisin is just an amazing SHO who you always want to be on shift with because of her abilities, skill set and overall attitude to being a team player.

Superb trainee who is able to keep a calm head and cheerful smile whatever a night shift throws at her. I am always delighted to work with her.

Outstanding trainee in all aspects. Clinically very astute, organised and efficient – completes tasks and follows up on results effectively. A truly excellent trainee.

Roisin always comes to work with a smile, a will to learn, help and support. Nothing is too much trouble. She has a warm and welcoming personality which works well within a team. Roisin is very knowledge and eager to learn, she has excellent communication and interpersonal skills. She is supportive of all her colleagues, peers, nursing staff and the wider disciplinary team. Always lovely to work with her, its a pleasure.

Fantastic trainee, calmly & conscientiously completing the role. Her friendly professional approach facilitates her solid clinical care. She is quietly involved in completing guidelines and organising the teaching rota. Thank you for all you work a great team member.

Roisin has been a fantastic addition to Bramble, she is kind, caring, funny and always has a smile on her face. When she’s working, she brightens the ward with her positive energy! It’s always a pleasure to know she is on the ward.

She is very approachable, and will support anyone who needs it or to talk something through whether that’s other medics, nurses or student. She always seems unflappable, and any job big or small you can ask her and she will respond with kindness and ensure it gets done. She listens to the nurses opinions and judgement, and we feel heard. Rosin demonstrates brilliant clinical judgement and interacts well with families and their children, showing empathy and kindness and instilling trust.

She is an all round wonderful doctor who is competent and a wonderful person as well, I am so glad to have her in our team!”

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