Jena Hopkins

Nominated for Paediatric Junior Hero (Paediatric Junior Hero (ST1-3s, FTs, GPSTs and Trust doctors)

Currently works at University Hospitals Plymouth

“Jena is a wonderful part of the Paediatric team. She is knowledgeable in working the management of of sick children. Her ability to build a relationship with children and their family’s is outstanding, she gets alongside each patient she meets and always advocates for their best interest. She values each member of the MDT, making sure that each voice is heard when making decisions for patients. She is reliable and approachable. When on shift and Jena is SHO I instantly feel reassured. Keep doing what you do best Jena, being an amazing paeds doctor, we are lucky to have you!

Jena is an amazing SHO and a great pleasure to work with. Jena always arrives to work with a big smile and a positive attitude which is infectious. She is the SHO you can rely on without a doubt when the unit goes crazy or when you have a that emergency call.
Watching Jena progress within her training is a privilege, she is enthusiastic and very hard working, nothing is ever to much trouble. Jena is a valued member of team, and the nursing staff love her, she will always support the nursing staff and will always listen to any nursing concerns without hesitation and always respond.
Jena always takes time for her patients and their families; she listens to their concerns and will always strive to provide them with her gold standard care. The patients and families love her as much as we do! We can’t wait for Jena to return to level 12!!!

Excellent trainee with fantastic knowledge and the skills to handle lots of difficult situations. works well with colleagues. Is great with patients of all ages and relates to the experiences of children, young people and their families.

Jena always had a smile on her face, happy to help, nothing was too much trouble for her. Hardworking and approachable. She has been missed since moving to another area within the hospital. ”

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