Julia Lilley

Nominated for Paediatric Consultant Hero

Works at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

“Dr Lilley is incredibly supportive and approachable. I learnt a lot from her during my 6 months on NICU. I also noticed how she ‘mucked in’ with any job, for example I would go to prescribe fluids and find they had already been done by her. She always explained the decisions that she made and also made room for learning opportunities during ward rounds or on call shifts.

Julia Lilley goes out of her way to ensure trainees are supported. Through the difficult months of Covid-19 when all departmental teaching and regional teaching was cancelled, she stood out as someone who was willing to teach and help the team grow. She would offer opportunities for teaching on ward rounds, offer assessments and ask trainees what they wanted. She even set up a ‘come and go’ teaching session in the resus room for a week on difficult airways, leaving the equipment and a doll to practise on.

Julia is supportive to junior trainees and to nurses and really engages the team who work with her. She is open about her own human factor errors and learning from them which really empowers juniors to talk frankly about issues they have. She is also good fun to work with, though she did abandon her Santa hat rather early on Christmas Day when it kept falling in her eyes! Thank you Doctor Lilley for being such an inspirational role model.”

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