Nicky Salter

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award

Works at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Where do I start??
Nicky is the one of the most kindest, friendliest and professional HCA’s I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She is well liked by her colleagues, the children and their families. Nothing is too much trouble, she runs round the unit providing exceptional care of her own patient workload whilst supporting her colleagues and ensuring the Unit looks clean, tidy and topped up. She never stops.
Nicky is constantly striving to make the ward a better place and often puts forward excellent ideas on how things can run smoother.

Nicky is a stable, professional, knowledgeable and skillful senior Healthcare Care Assistant within Bramble Ward. She has exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. She works excellently within a team and can even lead a small team with competence and effectiveness. Nicky is committed to her job and doing it efficiently for herself, her colleagues, the patients and their families. Nicky is a excellent role model.

If anyone deserves an award for being dedicated to her job, its Nicky. This woman doesn’t stop. From the moment her shift starts to the very end, she is always on the go. Patient care is a priority for Nicky, and it comes so effortlessly. Nicky is an amazing advocate for all the patients and families she cares for, nothing is ever to much trouble for her. Not only is she a great HCA but she also a massive support for nursing staff. Nicky is such a support for band staff and new HCAs on the ward, which Bramble has seen a lot of over the last few months. I think it really helps having such a support for new staff. Nicky is always asking if anyone needs any help, if there is anything she can do to assist anyone and she is a whiz at keeping the ward stocked up. The example she sets to others is gold standard. Her kindness and gentle mannerisms is outstanding, and she is a very loved member of staff.

I have the pleasure in working with Nicky. Nicky is an asset within the bramble team, she works really hard and nothing is ever a problem for her. She is competent within her job and within delivering the up most care towards our children and young people. She is outstanding with our young people who are struggling with mental health at the moment. She takes her time to ensure that these patients are comfortable and shows compassion within looking after these patients and working towards their needs at best interest. She cares for the ward so much and always make sure that the ward has what it needs to show the best care for the patients and families that she comes across.

Nicki is always shown outstanding care and commitment to our patients and their families, and all of her colleagues. Nicki is a huge support and goes above and beyond her role.
Nicki is an honest, open and approachable person, who who shows respect, compassion and continuous support to everyone around her.
Nicki uses her initiative with all groups of patients, and promotes great quality of care across the board. She is reliable and attune to the emotions of our mental health patients, as well as always providing inclusive care. She is supportive towards parents who may need extra support, or a shoulder to cry on. Whilst recognising and successfully whistleblowing any safeguarding concerns to her seniors.

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