Tara Johnson

Nominated for Healthcare & Nursing Assistant of the Year Award

Works at Torbay & South Devon

Over the last 12 – 18 months, Tara has developed communication aids to be used within the Children’s Emergency Department. The tab cards are used to communicate with children who are non verbal or have difficulties in communicating in other ways. This is just one of the latest innovations that Tara has brought into our department. She is known for constant excellences, whether in safeguarding situations & interacting with children who come in with mental health difficulties in which she is quick to gain the trust of young people who open up to her, in the resus area in which she can be counted on to support in whatever means are necessary and in the day to day running of the childrens ED. She is a fantastic support to the medical and nursing team, and will bring a smile onto every shift.

Tara is an exceptional HCA. She is invaluable to the ED team; both her knowledge and commitment to improving the quality of care children receive goes above and beyond all expectations. Tara is dedicated, motivated and inspiring. She strives for excellence in all that she does. Tara embodies the meaning of teamwork and this is reflected by how loved and valued she is by all of her Paeds ED colleagues.
Tara actively encourages her colleagues to learn, promoting patient safety via the safety council, and creating resources for the children and young people in the department.
Tara thrives in the Paeds ED, embracing every opportunity to support and encourage others. She is the greatest advocate for our most vulnerable children and the care she provides is truly outstanding.

What can I say Tara is an outstanding HCA and a privilege to work with. She has an amazing passion for the Children’s department in A&E. she goes above and beyond helping children and their families with particular interest in mental health and neuro diversity. She is an amazing resource during a resus, and such dedication to her own reflection and learning. You truly blow me away with your commitment to our service and an inspiration to others.

Tara strives to improve the services for children and young people With learning difficulties and complex medical backgrounds when they attend the A/E department . Tara is passionate about patient passports , ways to communicate , distraction and is highly motivated to support children as individuals in this admission . I don’t think I have ever worked with a more kind , compassionate and inspiring HCA.

Constantly going above and beyond to support patients and colleagues. Tara also works tirelessly behind the scenes of paediatric ED getting donations and ensuring that all patients have distraction toys that work for them. She is such a lovely presence to have in ED, I feel this needs to be recognised.

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