Vicki LeHuray

Nominated for The Debbie Eadie Award for Advance Nurse Practice

Works at Torbay & South Devon

Vicki is a fantastic ANP. No matter how busy a shift is Vicki never fails to hold the fort and keep the team informed. Watching Vicki go from her previous role as Sister to ANP has been a privilege to watch, her knowledge grows daily and the trust all members of the team have in her judgement is plain to see. When talking with the children and their families the compassion, care and concern shows at all times. Vicki is great to work with, always taking time to check in with everyone in the team, seeing things from all perspectives and using that to bring a sense of calm. I love working with Vicki!

Vicki is a wonderful colleague to work with. She always works as part of a team and is extremely supportive to other team members – both nursing and medical. Her handovers are clear and confident. She is always friendly and approachable even during busy or stressful times.

Vicki works on the Short Stay Paediatric Assessment Unit as a ANP. She has grown into her role since qualifying in the last year.
Vicki has been a great support for nursing staff and doctors especially those who have rotated as new SHO’s with teaching them how to examine a child , cannulation etc.
She shows great empathy with the parents and children and talks at their level of understanding.
Vicki is a valued member of the team in SSPAU.

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