Allied Health Professional Of The Year – 2019 Nominations

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Beverly Anderson

Meerai Arnouk

Alison Barret

Sue Bickford

Laura Bonas

Peter Cantin

Sam Cartwright

Nicola Coles

Suzie Costelloe

Jo Cross

Ruth Cundy-Rowse

Yvonne Doyle

Richard Edwards

Sara Forde

Jude Foster

Marilyn Glover

Leanne Grant

Lorraine Gray

Fran Greenaway

Emily Higginson

Rebecca Hayter

Natalie Hawkins

Wendy Hill

Alice Hopkins

Gillian Howard

Pat Hurley

Hayley Jeffrey

Maria Leveridge

Claire McCaffrey

Katie Middleton

Gemma Mills

Laura Newall

Amy Newton

Sarah Parkes

Sophie Pearn

Amanda Pearse

Denise Peck

Jaclyn Pile

Sarah Pulley

Sarah Ruskin

Nicola Salter

Emer Scanlon

Caroline Sinden 

Emma Skedgell

Calesiha Skelton

Penny Smith

Liz Wardle

Maureen Warren

Jo Worthington-Meadham

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*Nomination text may be condenced if we recieved multiple nominations

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