Allied Health Professional of the Year Award

2021 Nominees

Clinical staff who work with children and parents as part of the wider multidisciplinary team, who show exceptional commitment, ability and inspire their colleagues.

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Allied Health Professional
1. Demonstrates excellence in fulfilment of their work with children and families.
2. Demonstrates excellence in their interactions with colleagues and patients
3. Empowers, enables and encourages their colleagues through their work.
4. Embodies the values of RCPCH

Josie Allis

Debbie Carr

Ruth Cundy Prowse

Brooke Davidson

Georgina Davis

Alice Day

Nicola Freeman

Claire Frimpong-Ansah

Frances Greenaway

Sophie Hawkins

Linny Hughes

Jeanette Land

Sue Love

Tanya Martin

Claire Mccaffrey

Emma Mees

Katie Middleton

Lisa Morgan Shaw

Emma Prestidge

Heather Smith

Kate Stanton

Robin Valentine

Maureen Warren

Amber Wynn

Elizabeth Young


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