Community Paediatric Admin Team

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Nominated for Team of the Year 2021

The team at the CDC, led by Claire Dezell all work incredibly hard, often under very challenging circumstances. However busy they are though they never fail to respond to requests for help, doing so cheerfully and always with a smile. I’m often reminded of swans who present a picture of serenity and calmness whilst fiercely paddling under the water!! Everyone with whom Claire and her team engage are accorded the same level of respect, whether they are staff, patients and their families or visitors. Many of our patients and their families face daily challenges and experience high levels of stress and at times feel emotionally overwhelmed, but no matter whether in person or over the phone they are always treated by Claire and her colleagues with dignity, compassion, understanding and kindness.
As a team they embody the trust values to a very high degree

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