Chris Black

Nominated for Paediatric Senior Doctor Hero Award 2021

Chris is brilliant to work with, thorough and honest. He is clinically excellent, an efficient and enthusiastic registrar to have on shift, and he works over and above his current training level. Chris is not only very approachable but a team player who is great fun to be around. As a nurse, I would have no trouble coming to him with any queries about my patients and know my concerns would be always be acknowledged & acted upon.

Chris recently joined our team at RCHT and immediately fitted in. Chris is full of energy and enthusiasm and he spreads positivity throughout his work. He is very knowledgeable and confident and relishes the busy general paediatric environment we have here. Chris works incredibly hard, he takes on responsibility for his work, and completes his tasks to a high standard. Chris has very good leadership skills and is a good role model.
Chris communicates very well to patients, parents, the medical and nursing team which enables him to be an effective leader.

Chris is such a great team member here and we are really lucky to have him, we will miss him a lot when he goes to PICU and hope he returns to us in Cornwall!
Chris is an exceptional registrar. He goes above and beyond his role on very shift. Chris is a real team player across the whole of paediatrics and neonates within the hospital and we feel lucky to have him.

Like most hospitals shifts have been really challenging but when you know that your registrar is Chris it can instantly bring a sense of calm to the wards. Throughout the shifts there is always high levels of communication across the multi disciplinary team to ensure we are all aware of what is happening. This really helps to ensure that high standards of care are delivered and efficient working environment. His demeanor towards patients and relative is great, the way he explains things and is able to deliver this in a way that gives them a real understanding and knowledge. Even in busier and stretched times Chris will ensure his patients receive the same high standard of care and support.

Chris is an empowering doctor to other professions in particular the nursing staff. He values us all and our professional opinions. His explanations and teaching ability has enabled nurses, junior doctors and healthcare to develop they own skills and knowledge impacting in a positive way on patient care. Chris often works outside his role to support his colleagues during particular busy shifts and has a real calming nature that can really help settle a team in stressful situations. He will always include the whole team when deciding on cares, treatments and plans going forward for patients and is always open for discussions or other ideas.

We are privileged to have a doctor like Chris within our team and wanted him to be recognized for the outstanding practice he brings to the team with all his background experience and constant new knowledge.

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