Paediatric Rheumatology Team

Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

Nominated for Team of the Year 2021

The Paediatric Rheumatology team is a new service to TORBAY. The team consists of Consultant, Nurse, physios, OT’s, Secretary and Bristol Rheumatology team. The team are hard working, friendly, family focused and a great team to work within. I joined just over a year ago and each and every one of them have been encouraging and understanding to support me in my role. I came into my post with minimal knowledge but now I feel this is growing, thanks to the team.

Everyone has something to bring to the team and everyone listens when someone has an idea or information to share. Most importantly, it is family focused. During clinics that occur at least once a month the whole team attends, local Consultant, Nurse, Physio and OT so the patient is able to have access to everyone in one clinic. The families have commented on how effective this is due to the nature of the conditions the child/YP have to have multiply appointments and having everyone in one clinic reduces this time. Additionally, all the professionals involved are aware of what the other services are providing.

Covid has been difficult for everyone within NHS however the team have supported each other within their roles from a professional level and if they are having personal issues. There isn’t one person I don’t think I couldn’t go to with a professional question or just want some supervision. Covid has played a big part on everyone’s mental health but this team have been amazing in adapting in what is the best interest of the child/YP and family holistically. I feel privileged and proud to work within this team and excited in what the future brings.

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