Jodie Crawford

Nominated for Non-Clinical Staff of the Year Award

Works at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Jodie’s official title is rota coordinator but in fact she is the coordinator for our whole department.
Jodie manages the rotas for the junior doctors, she is highly organised and flexible and develops excellent working relationships with all our juniors. She is approachable and understanding and has got the balance exactly right when managing this.
Jodie also supports the department with the consultant rota, organising induction and helping the team communicate.
For the consultant team our life would not be possible without Jodie. She manages everything for us, helps us with everything and always seems to have the answer! moveover she is a lovely person to work with, always laughing, chatting and supplying us with coffee and cakes and jokes. SHe also always comes to the socials and is such a positive person.
Our paediatric department is 100% better for Jodie being a part of it and I hope she knows how much we all value and appreciate her.

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