Non-Clinical Staff of the Year Award

2021 Nominees

Non Clinical Staff, such as domestics, secretaries, managers and rota coordinators, who may not have direct contact with patients, but make a priceless contribution to the front line staff, allowing them to perform their roles more completely.

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Non-clinical Staff
1. Demonstrates excellence in fulfilment of their work.
2. Demonstrates excellence in their interactions with colleagues.
3. Empowers, enables and encourages their colleagues through their work.
4. Embodies the values of RCPCH

Andy Alford

Christine Banks

Joy Beswetherick

Denise Bright

Nicole Cleverly

Ian Coppen-Taft

Jodie Crawford

Claire Dezell

Jake Dunston

Harley Ebdon

Helen Elliott

Gill Etherington

Karen Evens

Karen Green

Fran Greenaway

Hilary Gregory

Alan Grieveson

Leanne Hargreaves

Sarah Harper

Julie Hewitt

Yvette Hodges

Kirsty Hutchins

Lydia Jones

Martha Key

Gemma Kilpatrick

Laura Kirk

Helen Louth

Carol Matthews

Mary Moran

Lesley Olney

Julie Potter

Aniela Rembecka

Amanda Roberts

Charlotte Rowe

Lauren Scrace

Annette Slater

Heather Smith

Tracey Stacey

Eileen Sweeny

Sandi Temple

Sarah Tickle

Liz Walker

Aria Ward

Debbie Watts

Lisa Wright

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