Stacey Hunt

Nominated for The Debbie Eadie Award for Advance Nurse Practice Award 2021

Works at Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

She is extremely knowledgeable about neonatal medicine and nursing, identifying and managing all problems rapidly. She also takes the time to share this knowledge with more junior colleagues and to help explain complex issues to juniors.
Stacey bridges the gap between medical, nursing and midwifery teams brilliantly. She takes the time to listen to the concerns of different team members and helps to share them with the MDT as a whole so that everyone is included and that their views are respected.
She demonstrates excellence in her interactions with patients and their families. Again taking their concerns and ideas on board so they feel heard and included in the management of their child. She is always empathetic and calm in her interactions.

Stacey is an excellent ENNP and I am lucky to be able to work with and learn from her.
Unbelievable asset to the Torbay SCBU team. She provides seamless continuity for the infants being cared for on SCBU which is hugely important for their longitudinal care and absolutely indispensable for the senior team.

She also provides a huge amount of support and training for our SHO tier, orientating them and guiding them through their work on the unit. She has written and delivered induction sessions.
She manages to straddle the sometimes difficult divide between nursing and medical teams, and will often mediate between them to ensure that the team continues to work harmoniously and maintain focus on the important things.

She is flexible with her working pattern, often covering weekends, bank holidays or gaps to ensure the team has a good skill mix and adequate staffing.
Finally she does this all with a positive attitude, a dry sense of humour, ruthless efficiency and a lovely smile. Winning combo. You’re a star, Stacey!

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