The Debbie Eadie Award for Advance Nurse Practice

2021 Nominees

ANNPs, APNPs, ACPs and Specialist Nurses who’s work builds bridges and unites medical and nursing specialities to work more closely and cohesively for patients and departments.

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“Debbie Eadie” Advanced Nurse Practitioner of the Year
1. Demonstrates excellence in fulfilment of their work as an advance neonatal or paediatric nurse practitioner.
2. Demonstrates exemplary interaction with, and encourages closer cohesion between, medical and nursing teams
3. Demonstrates excellence in their interaction with patients and their families
4. Embodies the values of the RCPCH and the Principles of Nursing Practice

Vicki Brown

Nicola Carr

Hazel Chapman

Rachel Gibbons

Katherine Harris

Sadie Harrison

Alistair Hill

Stacey Hunt

Jenna Julian

Natasha Kendall

Vicki Le huray

Becky Martyn

Kim Pauling

Sarah Tabrett

Lucy Williams

Julie Wills

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