Sally Rothwell

Nominated for Nursing Lifetime Achievement

Works at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

“Calm head. Welcoming and friendly. Makes me feel safer!

Sally has dedicated her life to nursing. Her passion to helping and nursing children is amazing. Sally has a wealth of knowledge, experience and skill that is unbelievable. She is a fantastic advocate and nurse for children and their families.
Sally is a pleasure to work with and will go up and beyond to help her colleagues and her friends. Despite having tough times, Sally always puts a smile on her face and is always there for her patients and friends.

Sally you are inspirational colleague. Thank you for all that you do for both your colleagues and your patients. Your listening ear has helped through a uncertain time in the world. You are so very kind, your patients benefit from your knowledge built up over a career in nursing. Your enthusiasm for excellent clinical care is infectious and junior colleagues only need to shadow you briefly to gain multiple benefits.”

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