Nursing Lifetime Achievement Award

2020 Nominees

Nursing staff who have made truly exceptional contributions to the care of children and young people throughout their careers.

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Nursing Lifetime Achievement
1. Has demonstrated persistent excellence in fulfilment of their work throughout their career.
2. Models exemplary multidisciplinary teamworking
3. Has had significant impact on improving the welfare of patients, staff or both through their work, enabling others to deliver better care.
4. Demonstrates excellence in advocating for patients and their families
5. Embodies the Principles of Nursing Practice & values of RCPCH

Hayley Barnes

Neil Bloxham

Sofie Boxall

Anna Brimacombe

Anita Chin

Lucy Chilcott

Sandra Cobb

Maria Cook

Tanya Crago

Sara Easton

Courtney Etheridge

Hazel Ferris

Gemma Hayes

Janet Hutchins

Helen Little

Margaret (Migs) Luckie

Sue Prosser

Louise Rattenbury

Marion Roch

Sally Rothwell

Petra Russell

Marianne Scott

Tracey Shackleton

Claire Tanner

Alison Tapper

Deborah Turnbull

Wendy Viggers

Sarah Walker

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