Karen Tyler

Nominated for Nursing Role Model Award 2021

Works at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust


Karen was new this year to the role of band 6 on our unit, but has jumped into it eagerly. Even before taking on her new responsibilities she always showed really strong enthusiasm for teaching with both students and new starters. Since stepping up to band 6 she has really committed herself to looking after our team and trying to put in place vital changes to the way the unit runs. She’s always there to listen to the concerns of her team and help people to try and make meaningful change. She’s challenging the status quo in a really positive manner to try and create changes that will benefit our service and our team in the long run, even when she runs up against problems and blocks in being able to do so.

When it comes to patients she’s a smiley and reassuring presence, always advocating for them and for their families to provide the best care. It is an honour to work with her!

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