Nursing Role Model

2021 Nominees

Nursing staff qualified more than 2 years who exemplify the principles and values of nursing and inspire their colleagues through their work.

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Nursing Role Model
1. Inspires others through the fulfilment of their work, and advocacy for patients.
2. Constantly strives to improve themselves and others around them
3. Is an excellent teacher and educator of peers and juniors
4. Supports the senior nursing and medical teams to carry out their roles.
5. Embodies the Principles of Nursing Practice & values of RCPCH


Isabel Andrews

Francesca Aplin

Emily Attard

Sarah Bassett

Charlotte Bissett

Neil Bloxham

Jo Boddy

Debbie Bourne

Jena Boyns

Hayley Brittin

Beverley Bromley

Louise Challis

Claire Clausen

Sandra Cobb

Louise Cork

Tanya Crago

Laura Crawford

Michelle Curtis

Gemma Davey

Emma Davidson

Alice Dawkins

Melody Daymond

Casey Delahaye

Mandy Doe

Faye Drinkwater

Charlotte Durrant

Lindsey Dyer Sines

Rebecca Exley

Maddie Fabian

Janet Finnegan

Melanie Frost

Emily Goldsworthy-Josh

Gemma Hayes

Cath Hernaman-Wood

Katie Hoffman

Megan Honey

Sarah Hook

Wendy James

Kate Kinder

Emma Lambshead

Verity Marlin

Lucie Middleton

Amanda Mills

Elizabeth Mitchell


Zara Nash

Zoe Naylor

Emma Norton Thomas

Sarah Pearce

Emma Perry

Emma Perryman

Elizabeth Phillips

Helen Pinchin

Andrea Pitts

Molly Ponty

Claire Portch

Dawn Poulton

Clare Pritchard

Carly Quick

Louise Rattenbury

Sarah Jane Sharman

Sarah Shircliff

Charlotte Smith

Kate Stanton

Noelle Taylor

Natalie Tidball

Amy Titchin

Tanya Tranter

Carla Trotman

Karen Tyler

Wendy Viggers

Jade Waites

Carol Walker

Hannah Watkins

Stacey Weseman

Sarah Wilde

Lisa Wilkie

Helen Willis

Nina Worrin

Meg 0

Dawn from SSPAU 0

Mel 0

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