Kate Stanton

Nominated for Nursing Role Model Award 2021

Works at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust


Kate has made a huge impact on the paediatric team. She provides a huge support with her epilepsy speciality. she provides education for professionals, schools, nurseries and families. She has developed a better understanding of how epilepsy is managed on the ward and is a source of support and knowledge in this area. She is an excellent listener and her background in counselling and SANDS charity makes her an excellent nurse.

She gives her all to support & educate the children, young people & their families. In the community epilepsy nurse role she makes a huge difference to their care. She supports her colleagues & nurses on the ward.
The families really appreciate her & her role, which was sorely needed in North Devon. Her strengths are her compassion with families & her calmness. It’s is a pleasure to work with her.

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