Paediatric Emergency Department

Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

Nominated for Team of the Year 2021

Through out the Pandemic, the nursing team within the Paediatric Emergency department has faced every challenge head on and has adapted to meet the needs of the Paediatric Population of Torbay and South Devon. The nursing team works under pressure every single shift and still keep patient safety at the forefront of their minds. They have build a culture of learning and wellbeing which is spearheaded by our leadership team. The dedication, support and compassion that the nursing team shows for children, their families, and the rest of the team are incredible. The Paediatric ED team have worked to support each other whilst giving the best care we can to children and young people, and their families.

The nursing team in PaedsED in Torbay are fantastic. How they keep smiling through the toughest of shifts I do not know. But their communication with the Paediatric team is what makes all the difference to the care of the children coming in through ED. As a Reg, it is their opinion that I listen to when they call me about a child they are worried about in the department. They advocate for their patients and maintain a safe level of care despite extreme pressures. And they do it with a smile, a joke, and a bit of Frozen in there too. They are an all round fabulous bunch.

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