Louisa Carey Ward

Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

Nominated for Team of the Year 2021

“An absolute fantastic team with superb co-ordination! Everyone works in tandem for patient care and also to support each other well.

I feel so lucky to work in the most supportive, fantastic team that is Louisa Cary. From consultants to juniors, everyone is treated equally and works hard to support each other and our patients. The morale on the ward is fantastic reflecting the positive culture that has been created over the years. The ward clerks are always so cheery welcoming you in in the morning. Everyone works as a team, delegating tasks and communicating together to deliver the best quality care to our patients. Nothing is too much trouble and that positive culture is role modelled throughout the ward to make it a great place to work! The constant improvement projects that are completed, keeps the ward up to date with young people and how we must adapt to meet the needs of the going population. There is great leadership across the MDT which role models the values of the RCPCH making Louisa Carey a great team and a pleasure to work in.

Wow! What a team! I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed working with a Paediatric team as much as working with this team. Everyone, from the ward clerks, HCA’s, allied health professionals, nurses and all other staff. You realise its a fabulous team when some of the ward clerks pick up on safeguarding concerns! The management of unwell children is excellent and I feel very proud to be part of this team! Well done Louisa Carey!

As a team they all work well either each other along with the hca and bank staff. Every member plays there part and when I started a month ago every one made me feel so welcome and it’s like being part of a big family
I’m sure all teams are deserving of this award, but for me the staff on Louisa Cary Ward have shown they are all winners the past few years. Not only has the ward been moved around the hospital, splitting the teams to work across different areas, but staff across the whole MDT have pulled together to get through some really stress and challenging times. Staff all supporting one another and going the extra mile when needed the most.
All team members go above and beyond for patients and their families. Excellent team work and supporting each other under difficult circumstances.

I have recently joined this team and I feel very lucky to be a part of it! Everyone is incredibly supportive of one another whatever their role and the team works exceptionally well together. All members seem able to share there point of view and have their concerns or ideas listened too. The team works together to be adaptable in busy times to help share the work load and ensure the best care possible is provided to their patients. The patient and their family is the focus of everything the team does and everyone is united in advocating for children and young people to improve the care they receive both in hospital and in the community.

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